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On Monday Jan. 21st 2019, BOLT Lifesaver crossed the hundred day line of its second deployment at the US Navy test site outside Hawaii. With the consistent winter time Hawaiian wave climate, Lifesaver has had the opportunity to produce power surplus uninterrupted, which she achieved elegantly.

In addition to 100% up-time on power production, she has been able to accommodate the requested power draw from the onboard sensor package during 79% of the time, having provided the client some 1900 hours of operation of their equipment onboard, since installation mid. October.

Client system downtime only occurred during the initial commissioning phase, when power settings were intentionally set low (and power surplus reduced), as well as the few instances when wave states dropped below Hs 0.9m with long wave periods, during which she has had to turn off power supply to the client system in order to maintain vital onboard functions such as communication equipment.

This again illustrates the Fred. Olsen wave energy technology’s ability to provide power, communication and a platform to sensor equipment offshore without the need for a cabled connection to shore.

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